Meet the Chabad Team

Rabbi Nissan Dovid DubovRabbi Nissan Dovid Dubov attended yeshivot in Gateshead, Manchester, and Toras Emes in Jerusalem. After receiving Rabbinical Ordination in Montreal Lubavitch Yeshiva, Rabbi Dubov went on to attain higher Rabbinical Dayanut Ordination in Lubavitch 770, New York. In 1988 Rabbi Dubov arrived, together with his wife Sarah, in Wimbledon and after one year, they moved into the current premises of the Chabad House in St. George's Road.

Over the years, they have expanded the many programmes available to South London Jewish Communities, to include a kosher and Judaica shop, a mikvah (built in 1991), adult education classes, summer camps, women's groups, children's groups, etc.

Rabbi Dubov is Director of Chabad of South London, rabbi of the Chabad Shul, and is also the author of 11 books, on various Jewish topics. In addition to overseeing the many activities run by the Chabad House, he is also a sought-after lecturer, particularly in the area of Kabbalah, both nationally and internationally.

Mrs. Sarah Dubov graduated from the Jewish Teacher's Training College in Gateshead, and taught for three years in Machon Chana College of Jewish Studies in New York. Sarah is co-director of the Chabad house and runs the South London mikvah, and is a lecturer on Jewish subjects.

In addition to providing marriage preparation classes, Sarah heads the Chabad Jewish Woman's Circle, the weekly Mums 'n Tots group, and also oversees many of the other Chabad projects and the day to day running of the Chabad House.

The Dubov children are also active members of the Chabad Team, and help out with many Chabad programmes and activities!

cohen.JPGRabbi Dovid and Sora Cohen joined to the Chabad team in 2008 are working as Chabad on Campus with students and young professionals in the South London area.

Dovid hails originally from the USA and, in 1989, received Rabbinical Ordination in Lubavitch 770, New York, before going on to attain higher Rabbinical Dayanut Ordination in 1991.

Together with his wife Sora, from London, they moved to Glasgow in 1994 where he has served as Jewish Student Chaplain to Scotland and North-East England for 14 years.

In the autumn of 2008, the Cohens accepted the exciting proposition of creating Chabad on Campus for South London and are responsible for Chabad activities in all the campuses and student accommodations across South London and Surrey. They are also active in working with young professionals living in the area.

They have a passion for teaching Judaism formally and informally, and especially by example, from their open home, from which they have raised 9 children ranging from ages 0 - 17. 

brackman picture for calendar.jpg
Chabad of South East London

Rabbi Mendel and Ruth Brackman, originally from Edgware, have moved to Bromley, Kent, and have since been reaching out to unaffiliated Jews in the area of South East London, to involve them in Jewish activities.

moscowitz.jpegRabbi Yossi & Leah Moscowitz 

Yossi, hailing originally from Chicago, and Leah, a native born and bred South Londoner, have been appointed as Programme Directors of Chabad Wimbledon in 2016. They are expanding our activities South of the River. Leah has  assumed the role of headmistress at our bustling cheder and  also focuses on women's activities, whilst Yossi is involved in outreach, visitation, and one to one learning.

In addition to the current activities at Chabad, Yossi and Leah's arrival have further broadened and expanded the activities of Chabad in the area. 

adler.jpegChabad of South Bank

Rabbi Moshe and Gitty Adler have recently been appointed as Chabad shluchim to the South Bank, covering the areas of Battersea, Clapham Junction, Vauxhall, Waterloo, and other areas just south of the River Thames. 

Rabbi Moshe hails from Florida, USA, and Gitty from Bournemouth, UK. Together with their new baby son Menachem Mendel, they have already begun doing outreach work in the South Bank area.