Adult Education

Our Vision for jewish education

Living in an era where the vast majority of knowledge is available with the click of a button, people are ironically more lost, confused and in search for guidance and wisdom than ever before.

Not many people know, but our own Torah and Judaism has age old wisdom crafted by the creator of the universe, that when learned and applied properly, can shed a much needed light to any person or situation and is relevant in toadays modern world.

Our vision is for every person (regardless of age or background) to be able to access this wisdom, which is the inborn inheritance of every Jew. 

Adult Education Video Classes

To receive weekly video classes by rabbi dubov via whatsapp, please send a message to 07956839154

You can also browse Rabbi Dubov's dedicated adult education website, full with free resourses. including videos, audios books etc. using the link below.


Jewish Home Network

As part of our adult education programme, we organise shiurim / Torah Classes on a topic of your choice in the comfort of your home.  The home atmosphere is ideal for open discussion and debate, and the topic is of your choice. To Arrange a class in your home, contact us here.

Ladies Torah and Tea

Mondays at 1:00pm Class for ladies on the weekly Parshah with Sarah

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