We will be introducing a new system this year at Cheder to boost attendance and ensure punctuality, in addition to being an extra safety measure.

It will be asked of parent/guardian to please write down the exact time of arrival on a new sign-in sheet that will be displayed at the entrance to Cheder every Sunday morning.

This will be used as both a register and a record of any absences.

We understand that it is sometimes necessary to miss Cheder for various reasons (be it family excursions, appointments, parties, holidays etc.) We would therefore like to ask that only a quota of 8 out of 43 Sundays during the Cheder year be taken off. Using the records, we will be able to reward those children who have kept to the system and have been punctual. We will also be recognising good attendance at the End of Year Assembly.

Please feel free to contact us at any time about your child’s attendance or to speak to Rabbi Dubov about any specific situations.

Please note:

Please remember to send your son with a kipa of his own, or if he does not have one, we will be happy to provide! (Note: there is a basket of kipot right at the entrance to the Shul, feel free to take.)

This year we would like to place emphasis on instilling values of kindness and respect for others, by encouraging children to give Tzadaka (charity) at the start of each Cheder day. We ask parents to please send one pound with your child on the first day of term, which we will split into pennies for your child to use each week.