A JLI course for parents on Sunday mornings during Cheder term from 12:20pm - 12:50pm

In recent decades, the art of parenting has been an unnerving playground of shifting formulas and dogmas. “Ever since the turn of the twentieth century, you’ve been able to find two sides of the debate on how to parent,” says Ann Hulbert, author of Raising America: Experts, Parents, and a Century of Advice About Children, a book that explores the scientific claims and social visions of a plethora of experts who during the twentieth century aimed to make a science of child rearing. “One side says nurture is everything and therefore better be pretty orderly and strict, while the other side says nature will take its course and the key to parenting is the emotional bonding between parents and children.”

In this conflicting landscape of expert opinions, where can parents find the assurance they need to adopt a parenting style they can trust with the ever-so-crucial task of guiding the physical, emotional, and social development of their children?

To this end, The Art of Parenting provides a trusty anchor rooted in foundational principles and timeless advice culled from millennia of Jewish wisdom, as a basis for parents to explore and develop their own parenting philosophies and techniques. 

Comparing winners of Nobel prizes, Oscars, and Grammys, it is clear that Jews have had a disproportional impact on the world, particularly in the arts and sciences. Might the way Jews mold their children explain this inordinate achievement?

Judaism is a parenting success story with a rich history of values transmitted from parent to child that have preserved our nation’s identity while the great and mighty civilisations of the past have vanished into dust. The Jewish people have witnessed generations of children who have respected and admired their parents—and their teachings— and have fought the societal tide to uphold values that were once scorned but have now gained universal acceptance.

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