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Shalom and welcome to KabbalahUK.com a new and exciting website designed to guide you on the path towards the inner dimension of Judaism.

Kabbalah is a magical and mystical word – but what exactly does it mean, who are the Kabbalists, where can I see them, which books do I read?

All these questions and more will be answered at KabbalahUK.com – the gateway to Kosher Kabbalah.

We have called it Kosher Kabbalah, because unfortunately many people have jumped on the Kabbalah bandwagon, and are not presenting Kabbalah within the framework of Torah true observant Judaism. On this website, everything has been Halachically approved, and all the articles and insights are totally consonant with Torah true Judaism.

On our website you will also be able to book a lecture or seminar at your centre. There is nothing like personal contact – and we are happy to travel to your synagogue, communal centre, social group etc., to give a live presentation which will be lively and informative.

Everything has a body and soul. Jews are all too familiar with the body of Judaism, its laws and rituals, but not all are familiar with Pnimiyut HaTorah – the inner soul dimension of the Torah. It is a sad fact that many Jews seek spirituality in eastern religion because they do not find it in Judaism. But that is no more, because the Kabbalah revolution has revealed to all that within our own Jewish texts a treasure house of spirituality exists which now is emerging and being revealed in abundance.

This website is truly a fulfillment of the promise of the Moshiach to the Baal Shem Tov (the founder of the Chassidic movement) when the Besht asked Moshiach “When will you come?” and the Moshiach answered “When the wellsprings of your teachings are spread abroad”. The purpose and aim of this website is to spread the teachings of the Besht, the teachings of Chassidut, in a way that even the average layperson can understand.

We welcome you to explore, experience and learn. 

Be in contact.

Rabbi Nissan Dovid Dubov
Director – KabbalahUK.com

Daniel Saunders
Associate Director – KabbalahUK.com