Cheder is split into two classes. The first class, from 11.00 to 11.45 is dedicated to our ‘Aleph Champ’ program. This system is geared towards helping our students to achieve a degree of fluency in their reading. We have a number of teachers assigned to teaching small groups, to keep lessons intimate and stimulating, and giving much opportunity for personal attention.

Each child begins on level white, and progresses through the levels at his/her own pace. The programme is excellent at encouraging fluency and speed through motivation. The children receive a medal and a certificate each time they move up a level, and the medals are received amidst great fan-fair making the children eager to progress! Our goal is for the children to be comfortable enough to read any Hebrew text including opening a Siddur and reading the davening, once they complete the Cheder.

Implemented in our first lesson, we have a ‘Torah Token’ reward system. Children earn tokens, for good work and effort etc. and may use their tokens during break at 11.45 to buy some ‘nosh.’ We aim to get more filling and healthier snacks this year.

Our second lesson runs from 12:00 – 1:00pm. The children are divided into groups according to age and ability, and all experience a wide variety of learning activities. We receive wonderful feedback from students and parents alike about the enjoyable games, arts n crafts and hands-on that we incorporate into our lessons, to make the learning more meaningful and real.

There is a Bar Mitzvah class with Rabbi Dubov running at the same time as the second lesson.