Jewish Home Network

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As part of our adult education programme, we organise shiurim / Torah Classes on a topic of your choice in the comfort of your home.  The home atmosphere is ideal for open discussion and debate, and the topic is of your choice.

Q.  What do I do?

1. Take a moment to read through the list of topics below. Choose a recommended topic or any other topic of your choice

2.  Look for a convenient date 

3. Call us on 020 8255-7770, or email us at, and let us know which topic you have chosen, and a suggested date

4. Once topic and date is confirmed, invite your friends over for an intellectually stimulating evening

5. Provide light refreshments

The Jewish Home Network is a wonderful opportunity to learn in the comfort of your own home.  You don't feel inhibited or embarrassed to ask questions and you know all the people.  A shiur in the home brings blessing to the home.

Recommended Topic List

  1. Proof of the existence of G‑d.
  2. Belief in G‑d after the Holocaust
  3. Why do bad things happen to good people?
  4. Reincarnation and Resurrection
  5. The Purpose of Creation
  6. Prophecy and Providence – the fulfilment of Torah prophecies throughout the course of Jewish History
  7. What is  Kabbalah?
  8. The Chosen People – chosen for what?
  9. The deeper meaning of the Shema
  10. The Afterlife
  11. The 5th Commandment – an overview of the laws of Honouring Parents
  12. Jewish Bioethics and cloning
  13. Do I have to be observant to be a good Jew?
  14. Antisemitism – is it a law of nature?
  15. The A to Z of a Friday night table
  16. Tefillin and Mezuzah – the inside story
  17. The Lucky Dip – the meaning of Mikvah
  18. Is the Redeemer coming to Zion and should we say Amen?
  19. The Golden Chain of Tradition – an overview of the development of Jewish law from Moses to modern day.
  20. Maimonides – the 13 Principles of Faith
  21. A Tale of Two Souls – an introduction to Tanya
  22. Why keep Kosher
  23. Coping with anger and character development the Chassidic way
  24. Dealing with our kids
  25. The Torah response to Terrorism
  26.  Priorities in Giving Charity – who comes first?
  27. The Kabbalistic meaning of the Alef – Bet.
  28. A Guided Tour through the Shabbat morning service.
  29. The Holy Sites of Israel.
  30. Trials and Tribulations – is life one big test?
  31. Infertility and Halachah
  32. Simchah – how to live with joy
  33. Shalom Bayit – what makes a marriage work?
  34. Who loves you – coping with low self-esteem
  35. Why marry Jewish
  36. The Rabbi as storyteller – my Besht stories
  37. Other