As we are all moving over most of our lives to virtual platfoms, and our social interactions are also mostly VIRTUAL, at Chabad Wimbledon we realize that there's nothing like getting a PHYSICAL package made with love and care.. packaged with gLOVEes!

Therefore, in continuation the our succesful seder togo kits, are launching the 'Loaves of Love' shabbat care packges to be distributed arount the communtiy.

We ask you the following questions:

1- Would you, or anyone you know, like to receive a 'Loaves of Love' Shabbat Care Pacakge this week or in one of the subsequest weeks while lockdown continues?

2- Would you like to volunteer on a Friday to delover a few packages to bring a smile on someones face?

We will all look back after this pandemic is over, please G-D very soon, and be proud of how we acted and reacted!

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