Chabad Hebrew School

Aleph Champ

The Aleph Champion Program is on the cutting edge of Hebrew reading today. Modeled after the Karate/Martial Arts motivational system, it works by dividing different reading skills into levels defined by colour. Students understand that their teacher is a black aleph champion and their goal is to reach that level.

Cheder @ Chabad

The Cheder’s overall objectives for its pupils are:

To encourage a positive Jewish identity and pride

To develop a love for Jewish learning

To provide a broad knowledge, understanding and experience of Jewish practice

To achieve fluency in Hebrew reading as a key to Jewish language and texts (as age appropriate)

To offer a forum for a positive Jewish learning experience and social encounters to complement the children’s secular school experience

To provide opportunities for the children’s integration into Chabad Wimbledon’s wider community activities.

These aims are achieved in a relaxed, but structured learning environment, with teachers committed to instilling a love of Judaism in an exciting and stimulating atmosphere. The Cheder teachers have a strong background in Jewish knowledge and have had experience working with young children. 

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